Who I am at work:
Account supervisor in the Detroit office. Proud member of #TeamStratacomm since 2013. Core member of the Nissan North America account team. Focused on providing a varying range of support to my clients through strategic communications planning, traditional media relations, executive visibility, research and analysis, and event management. Jill-of-all-trades.

A look back:
More than seven years of communications and account management experience across various sectors and industries, including automotive, nonprofit, entertainment, hospitality and professional services. Diverse portfolio has included automotive, transportation, commercial real estate and environmental clients.

My educational background:
Central Michigan University – #fireupchips

Who I am at play:
Fiercely loyal and committed friend. Incredibly competitive athlete. Stress baker. Semi-committed runner (when I have time) and celebrity gossip enthusiast.

Words to live and work by:
Dream big.