Who I am at work:
Longest tenured employee of the firm per St. Patrick’s Day hire in 1998 – good day to start a new job! Oversee HR, office management and misc company-wide administrative projects, including office moves and fun parties. Over the years have helped with big client events when needed and time permits. Interest in getting things organized and keeping the trains running in order for colleagues to get their jobs done. My clients are the Stratacomm employees!

A look back:
After college I worked on the Hill for John D. Dingell (D-MI) at the Energy & Commerce Committee in a few roles – Staff Assistant, Assistant Hearings Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to Chief of Staff. From there I did a brief stint at a D.C. lobbying firm and then landed at Coalition for Vehicle Choice, working for Diane Steed. I thought I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and be in the auto industry working for GM, so I briefly worked as a contractor in NJ for Chevrolet communications and met some great folks, but ultimately home was calling me back to the D.C. area. Stratacomm needed an organizer in the beginning of the firm’s history and I signed up for the role. I’ve been at Stratacomm for 18 years and it’s the people and work ethic that keep me here. I am never bored.

My educational background:
Queens University of Charlotte, NC. Another fan of a small liberal arts school in NC and set in one of the most beautiful parts of Charlotte, the Myers Park area.

Who I am at play:
Love of dogs is evident when you see my office, home or iPhone pictures. Say something about dogs and you have my attention.

Words to live and work by:
Be the type of person you want to meet.

Shannon is a rock at Stratacomm. She keeps the trains running smoothly, especially devoting herself to ensuring our benefits, recruiting, reviews and Stratacomm University professional development trainings are top notch. She's a supportive colleague to staff at all levels and a consistent proponent of making Stratacomm fun.

Anonymous Stratacomm employee when successfully nominating Shannon for an agency “Team Player” award.