We approach every campaign by listening to our clients and doing our homework. To build a communications effort that will succeed, we work with clients to:

  • Define the business problem and communications objective
  • Identify and understand their audiences, the competition, and threats and opportunities
  • Create a shared vision of what success looks like
  • Outline actions needed to get there

Insights, data and analysis are the foundation of our communications framework. We employ a disciplined process to identify the most effective messages, messengers and mediums to reach audiences at the right time and place with content that is valuable to them – and with content that advances our clients’ agendas. We continually measure and review our progress, adjusting the strategic approach or tactics as needed.

Research based communications are a Stratacomm hallmark—it’s in our DNA. We work closely with clients to identify and produce primary and secondary research that provides a data-driven roadmap to success.

Trust is Key

Our role as trusted advisors is to ask both “why” and “why not.” And at times, respectfully challenge our clients’ thinking. Likewise, we expect them to challenge ours. By extending beyond collective comfort zones, we can stretch ourselves to attain increasing levels of service and results.