“App”solute Must Haves in 2015

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In a 24/7/365 communications environment, PR pros are always looking for efficiency. Picking up new skills and adding new tools to our repertoire are critical for communications people looking to stay at the top of their game.

We polled the team at Stratacomm to find out what apps, tools and services they were most excited about these days. Turns out, we don’t just download apps to take cool pictures and six second videos! (Well, okay, we definitely do that, too, but we also curated this list of tools to keep you at your best.)

Must Haves: Winter 2015 Edition

Office for iOSOffice_iphone small

For all the iPhone users in our office, Microsoft’s decision to release the Office for iOS apps for free last fall is a big deal! Say goodbye to merely previewing those PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents on your smartphone; now you can create and edit directly from your iPhone or iPad. The one major Office app that was conspicuously absent from this Office package was Outlook – and Microsoft has just announced a version for iOS and Android.

Guidebookguidebook small

Companies like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly have brought basic website design to the masses, but what about making a mobile app? Enter Guidebook, a tool to create mobile guides without writing a line of code. Publishing guides for conferences and events, university activities and corporate meetings has never been easier – and for a PR pro organizing a big event, that should be music to your ears.

If you’d rather be guided than be the guide, check out the Field Trip app for Android/iOS – particularly useful for those out of town trips. 

Asanaasana small

Get ready to be your most productive self in 2015. Asana is a task management system that has moved task assignment and tracking out of email and into web and mobile applications. Asana allows you to prioritize assignments, assign due dates and manage projects in a single application. Flagging emails in your inbox no longer has to be your M.O. for prioritizing your work.

Postmatespostmates small

Working late and can’t stomach the thought of another pizza for dinner? Postmates has you covered. An on-demand delivery service available in select cities, Postmates will snag your guacamole greens salad with shrimp and have it delivered in under an hour.

While it originally launched as a mobile only app, it now also has a web experience, making this delivery service accessible and awesome for all. [Side note: If you need help with something other than delivery (cleaning your house, running your errands), check out TaskRabbit!]

Storifystorify small

Watching the conversation blow up around your latest PR coup on social media? Collect those gems in a narrative to show your boss just how valuable your skills are. Storify helps you collect, organize and share social media from a variety of sources in one scrollable narrative. Group storytelling has never been so easy.

Codecademycodecademy small

Despite all the awesome tools that are out there, sometimes it really helps to be able to roll up your sleeves and write some code. Ready to take the plunge (or maybe brush up on your HTML)? Codecademy is for you – learn core programming concepts and syntax for the world’s most popular languages [HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby] … for free!

Looking for something involving fewer ones and zeros? Check out Coursera or Khan Academy, two free educational platforms with courses on everything from economics to languages to food and nutrition.

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Emily Urquhart is a senior account executive in Stratacomm’s Washington, D.C. office.

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