10 Cultural Drivers at Stratacomm

“The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz once observed. At Stratacomm, we agree and are fueled by the desire to create an ever-evolving culture that supports our employees and clients we serve.

The right culture in business is vital to attract and retain the right talent for a given organization. Only with the best people onboard and resourced appropriately can the best strategies and tactics get identified, pursued and ultimately accomplished. For Stratacomm, this means a culture where quality professionals come together to contribute their many talents and where clients rely on us as trusted advisors to help address some of their most pressing communications challenges.

Now in our 21st year, we must be doing something right. But don’t just take our word, consider our annual surveys: nine out of 10 clients report they would recommend Stratacomm to others – and 10 out of 10 employees report they are proud to work here.

So how do we do it? We take an active role in shaping our culture. We nurture and fiercely protect it. We hire and reward diverse individuals who share our common values of client service, entrepreneurship, teamwork, learning, innovation, ethics and fun.

Here are 10 specific actions we encourage our people to take every day:

CONNECT – Foster genuine relationships with our clients and treat them as true partners

DELIVER – Focus on results by considering actions that add value, show ROI

PLAN – Look beyond tactical outputs to assess and address strategic outcomes

LEAD – Speak up, identify a client or firm challenge and help solve it

LEARN – Work on a new or improved skill or area of expertise

DREAM – Set aside creative time – put a new idea into the mix, do something unexpected

STRETCH – Mentally: Push beyond comfort zones; Physically: Get out of the chair and move around

SUPPORT – Help a colleague, be a mentor, give thanks, show appreciation

HUSTLE – Create and seize opportunities to market and grow the firm

LAUGH – Stir up a little fun, share a smile, keep it all in perspective

Our intent is to foster a dynamic culture where our people are consistently motivated to offer their very best to their colleagues and to their clients each and every day. That’s what helps make this a great place to work – which in turn – best positions us to help our clients win.

John F. Fitzpatrick co-manages Stratacomm. He recently celebrated his 18th year with the firm and credits colleagues and clients alike for helping shape Stratacomm’s unique and successful culture.

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