Energy & Environment

Shaping Policy and Perception.

Energy and environment issues have taken center stage in Washington and across the country. Now more than ever, Americans are aware of the energy we consume – where it comes from, what it costs, its effect on jobs and the economy, and how its use impacts our environment and national security.

For more than two decades, Stratacomm has helped organizations with a stake in the energy and environment debate enhance image, manage reputation, shape policy and build market share. Our portfolio of winning communications campaigns covers wide-ranging topics including fossil energy, advanced technologies, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Because our team’s experience cuts across multiple industries and power sources, we bring a broad perspective to energy and environment issues, speak the language and have relationships with many of the media and key players.

How Can We Help Power Your Program?

Explain the economic importance and environmental benefits of your industry

Build relationships among government, media and NGO communities

Generate positive media coverage and online conversations

Activate grassroots support to shape policy

Manage technology demonstrations to educate stakeholders

Engage customers and targeted audiences to make behavior changes

Conduct business-to-business and business-to-government marketing

Increase community support for needed infrastructure projects

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