Public Education

Inspiring Positive Behavior Change.

Stratacomm is a mission-driven agency. We lead high-visibility, integrated communications campaigns to save lives, improve lives and help create a better world. 

With deep expertise in the environment, infrastructure and transportation sectors, Stratacomm partners with government agencies and non-profit organizations to develop and execute public engagement campaigns that move beyond educating key audiences to inspiring action.

We harness the power of integrated communications to change minds and change behavior, from encouraging responsible driving and promoting the need for infrastructure resilience to motivating consumers to respond to product recalls and protecting their possessions during a multi-state move. Stratacomm serves as trusted advisors to our clients as we collaborate to inspire action within different communities, while remaining sensitive to those affected by the behaviors we are trying to change. We also have a proven track record of bringing awareness to issues that create a cultural shift in how at-risk audiences perceive their own behavior.

Leveraging advanced research techniques and the full suite of integrated communications at our disposal, we help clients engage consumers, policymakers, researchers, educators, influencers and the public to raise awareness and motivate change. The most successful campaigns start with customized research, identifying the concerns and topics that resonate best with target audiences. This informs our action-oriented campaigns that are then delivered across multiple channels and measured for results.

For more than 25 years, Stratacomm has helped our public education clients move the needle toward specific behavior outcomes – and we can help you.

How Stratacomm can help you motivate change:
  • Pursuing in-depth research to drive strategy, inform messages and set benchmarks for success
  • Creating personally relevant, emotionally driven messages with high recall
  • Designing attention-grabbing and memorable marketing materials
  • Garnering media coverage in your audiences’ most-trusted outlets
  • Partnering with government agencies, corporations, non-profits and other third-party advocates and influencers on sustained campaigns
  • Crafting and placing PSAs to reach diverse audiences where they get their information
  • Coordinating productive high-level briefings and public meetings
  • Remaining sensitive to those impacted by the unsafe or unhealthy behavior we are trying to change