Public Health & Safety

Inspiring Positive Behavior Change.

From encouraging healthier drink choices and responsible driving, to promoting safer neighborhoods and product recalls, we’ve helped clients use the power of communications to improve lives—and to save lives.

Our campaigns are grounded in the very latest research to focus on which tailored messages, messengers and mediums will most powerfully connect with intended audiences. The results of these integrated campaigns get attention, raise awareness and motivate change. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped our public health and safety clients win – and we can help you.

How Can We Help You Create Change?

Pursuing in-depth research to drive strategy, set benchmarks and generate news

Creating personally relevant, emotionally-driven messages to affect change

Partnering with government agencies, safety advocates and other influencers on sustained campaigns

Crafting and placing PSAs to reach diverse audiences where they get their information

Coordinating high-level briefings and public meetings

Remaining sensitive to those impacted by the unsafe or unhealthy behavior we are trying to change

Stratacomm's Charlotte Seigler

Charlotte Seigler

Partner, Senior Vice President

Public Health & Safety Practice Lead

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