Autonomous Technologies

Moving People, Freight, Sales and Issues Forward.

We are passionate about mobility, technology, safety and sustainability – and can help you communicate on all fronts.

We offer a nuanced understanding of the landscape, the benefits, the challenges and how smart communications can speed acceptance and deployment. Stratacomm first promoted self-driving, platooning cars back in 1996. We also led media relations for DARPA’s autonomous Grand Challenges and Urban Challenge. Today we help clients engage customers, policymakers, the safety community and the public on fast-emerging technologies that promise to save lives, reduce congestion and transform mobility forever.

We can drive your driverless agenda

Telling your story to educate, persuade and motivate target audiences

Educating legislators, regulators and their staffs to shape policy

Connecting with consumers, industry customers and safety advocates, NGOs and other influencers

Raising the profile and enhancing the reputation of products, brands and industries

Debuting new products or running technology demos

Coordinating media briefings, press events and tours

Engaging in crisis communications, preparation, media training and drills

John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick

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