What We Do

Educate, persuade and motivate people to help clients attain their goals

What We Believe

Do great work, have fun – and business success will follow

What We Value

Client Service

Always put existing clients first, pursue the highest standards of excellence and consistently deliver results


Have the desire to succeed, but not at the expense of colleagues


Demonstrate the philosophy that new business drives the firm and is everyone’s responsibility


Conduct business with honesty, integrity and the highest professional standards


Actively nurturing a workplace that is diverse in identities and ideas, equitable in opportunities, inclusive in approach, creates a sense of belonging—and is accountable to all


Always look for new ways to create value for our clients and the firm


Grow knowledge, skills and competencies by pursuing learning opportunities and mentoring others


Take pleasure in delivering success for clients, demonstrate passion about client issues and help foster an enjoyable work environment

Our Ethical Commitment

100% of our clients agree Stratacomm maintains the highest ethical standards and practices, as confirmed in our most recent client survey.

As we foster a culture of inclusivity, transparency and accountability, Stratacomm’s foundation is built upon a bedrock of ethics.

To our clients, who enlist us as trusted partners to help achieve their business objectives:

We are committed to being responsible stewards of your resources. Establishing clear, agreed upon goals and budgets. Adding measurable value. Accurately recording time and charging for our efforts. Carefully protecting your confidential information, even after our engagement ends. Safeguarding your confidences by creating proprietary account teams if there are competitive clients. Providing the best counsel to each client.

To our employees, who deserve a best-in-class workplace:

We are committed to creating equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. Fostering an inclusive culture of respect for each individual. Quality in everything we do. Teamwork. Learning and mentoring. Fun. The highest ethical standards. Providing excellent working conditions and the tools to deliver the high level of performance and service our clients deserve.

To our shareholders, who invested in us:

We are committed to excellent management and fiscal responsibility. Achieving financial success by recruiting and retaining the best people and enabling them to provide exceptional client service.

To our communities, where we work and live:

We are committed to working responsibly as advocates for our clients’ interests. Fulfilling our obligation to foster public dialogue and debate. Holding ourselves to strict standards of accuracy in the information we disseminate. Accountability for our actions. Supporting volunteer activities that are central to the social welfare, education, economic development and quality of life in the communities where we live.

By working according to Stratacomm’s ethical responsibilities – and speaking up if we see them threatened – we will continue to be proud of our people, the clients and partners with whom we associate, and the work we create together.