Public Affairs

"When I feel the heat, I see the light”
–The Late U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen
Stratacomm knows how to turn up the heat to help our clients advance their policy goals, inside the Beltway and in statehouses across the nation. We help our clients successfully support, defeat, or amend proposed laws, regulations and policies that directly benefits both our clients’ business goals and the greater public good.

Part of our public affairs success is rooted in our  collaborative nature: we work exceptionally well with our clients and their internal and external advocacy teams. But don’t let our demeanor fool you—when it comes to public affairs campaigns, we’re good in a fight…and we play to win.

What We Do

As you seek to influence public opinion and manage issues, we can help. 

  • Campaign Strategy and Execution
  • Research-Driven Insights, Messaging and Benchmarks
  • Integrated Outreach
  • Message and Media Coaching
  • Coalition Building
  • Grassroots Activation
  • Executive Visibility
  • Thought Leadership
  • Risk Planning
  • Reputation Recovery
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