Who I am at work:
One of the firm’s senior partners and leader of Stratacomm’s digital and creative team. A member of the Stratacomm family since 2002. The head of Stratacomm’s award-winning creative team, works closely with project managers to create unique, engaging and memorable experiences for client marketing programs. Frequently asks the question, “What is your desired outcome here?”

A look back:
Captivated by technology at an early age, has a passion for all things digital, storytelling and design. Using technology to tell better stories, whether it is for a tiny mobile screen or the side of a building, is a constant motivation. Over more than a decade of agency life, has enjoyed supporting a diverse group of corporate brands, associations, nonprofits and government clients.

My educational background:
Graduated from Drew University in New Jersey summa cum laude with honors in Political Science (including a thesis that has been read by no one since – with good cause).

Who I am at play:
A sports fan, devoted dog-parent, sometime-hiker and frustrated gourmet.

Words to live and work by:
Think simple.