Higher Education

Catapulting You to the Head of the Class.

Students. Parents. Donors. Legislators. Staff. Recruits. The community. Higher education institutions rely on marketing and branding to convey their value proposition to core audiences. Stratacomm understands the complexity of university marketing communication and our expertise will help you succeed.

In a changing and fiercely competitive market, higher ed institutions are as much in the public spotlight as corporations, and face many of the same challenges. Our approach is simple but disciplined, and it’s also what sets us apart. Delivering the right message in the right platform at the right time—directly to the people you want to reach—is critical in this ever-changing marketplace, and a strong reputation is only the starting point to protecting your brand. Stratacomm’s support has helped a range of educational entities, from world-renowned universities to the publishers of the very textbooks used in classrooms. We can help you.

How Can We Help Build Your Brand?

Creating content to help you stand out

Engaging students and alumni to tell your story

Raising your profile through strategic media relations

Managing crisis to protect your brand

Creating a culture of giving

Stratacomm's Sharon Hegarty

Sharon Hegarty

Partner, Senior Vice President

Higher Education Practice Lead