Building Support for Building Big.

From highways, transit and railroads, to water, power and pipeline systems, infrastructure is vital to America’s economy and our way of life. Repairing the crumbling assets that once made our nation the world’s envy is challenging. Building anew is even more daunting. Stratacomm has 20 years of experience in helping infrastructure clients build support.

Worthwhile projects can stall in planning and design phases due to small, but vocal opposition. Projects that reach the construction phase often struggle with negative perceptions stemming from ineffective community relations. Smart, ground-level communications, however, can carry the day. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped our infrastructure clients win—and we can help you.

How Can We Help Your Project Succeed?

Telling your story to build support with digital and “old school” outreach

Engaging diverse communities, briefing officials and hosting public forums

Connecting with media and online influencers to shape the conversation

Activating third parties to affect perceptions

Managing stakeholder committees to produce solutions

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