Federal City Council Taps Stratacomm

Federal City Council Taps Stratacomm

The Federal City Council (FC2), a nonprofit organization focused on initiatives and programs that promote and elevate economic vitality in the District of Columbia, recently engaged Stratacomm to help advance its Metro Reform Initiative. The work will focus on positioning and message development, media relations and collateral materials targeting local and regional stakeholders, including the riding public, about FC2’s pursuit to turn around D.C.’s ailing Metro system and return it to a world-class transit system.

In 2016, FC2 moved forward a radical idea to reverse a decades long decline in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and the regional Metro system. Through opinion pieces and various intimate stakeholder meetings with key business and government leaders, FC2 launched an effort to promote the feasibility of deconstructing the current WMATA Compact. The idea gained traction and support from numerous local and regional leaders. Central to FC2’s approach is restructured governance, which would dismantle the current Metro board and replace it with a smaller entity with redefined qualifications, roles and appointment procedures. It also supports the recrafting amendments to improve the organization’s operations, funding and safety procedures.

FC2 recently engaged Stratacomm to assist them in moving Metro Reform forward, specifically to:

  • Develop a key message matrix to inform stakeholders and local and regional leaders
  • Create a clear and concise infographic to assist in the education of the Metro Reform process
  • Develop and lead a media and champion stakeholder strategy to best roll out the infographic and key messages in support of the new legislation
  • Provide media and stakeholder insight and direction

Metro Reform infographic.Results

A sampling of the results yielded thus far include:

“The Federal City Council is a very well-respected organization with strong ties to the city and the business community. The current state of our Metro system in the region is of extreme importance to the ridership, local and regional leaders, and our federal neighbors,” said Karyn Le Blanc, a Stratacomm senior vice president. “It is our privilege to provide strategic media counsel and communication services on such an important topic for our region.”

Stratacomm continues to work with the Federal City Council as Metro Reform moves through federal and regional legislative channels.

About Stratacomm LLC

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