Enhancing Reputation. Building Market Share. Shaping Policy. Changing Behavior.

Our Business is Moving People.

In areas moving this fast, there’s no substitute for experience.

We have spent more than 20 years supporting mobility issues and clients. As a result, we begin each new engagement equipped with deep insight into these sectors and a wealth of existing relationships to help clients reach their objectives.

Whether the vehicles that move goods and people, the energy that propels them, or the infrastructure traveled over, we understand mobility.

Energy & Environment

Our E&E practice powers new ideas to promote secure, sustainable energy solutions for a power-hungry world.


Whether you’re building a bridge or developing a block, building and maintaining the support of stakeholders is crucial to success. Our infrastructure and development team can help you build the support your project needs to build big.


Over roads, on rails, through waterways and in the air, the transportation sector is transforming all aspects of mobility and an incredible pace. Educating and motivating customers, policymakers and the public is a challenge. We can help.

Beyond Mobility


Federal, state and local agencies rely on Stratacomm to harness the power of communications to educate the public about their missions, programs and activities.

Higher Education

Universities are complex organizations with many unique communications challenges. From admissions recruitment to alumni relations and development outreach, Stratacomm can help you cultivate relationships that last a lifetime.

Public Health & Safety

From persuading would-be drunk drivers, to avoid getting behind the wheel to helping parents find alternatives to sugary drinks, our campaigns change behavior to protect people and save lives.