Energy & Environment

Energy & Sustainability

Promoting secure, sustainable energy in a modern world

Our Expertise

Stratacomm helps organizations with a stake in the energy and sustainability space harness the power of integrated communications to solve their most pressing challenges. The conversation around the energy we produce and consume includes where it comes from, what it costs and its impact on jobs, the economy, environment and national security. 

Our portfolio of winning communications campaigns covers wide-ranging topics including electrification, renewables, advanced technology, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, energy infrastructure, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon management. From regulatory agencies to academia and transportation to energy storage, Stratacomm’s experience cuts across multiple industries and power sources. Where business, public policy and sustainability collide – we are there. 

Communications and the world around us are changing rapidly. In today’s environment there is no substitute for trusted, proven experience to help navigate this dynamic, exciting and challenging landscape. 

How We Can Help

  • Explaining the economic importance and environmental benefits of your industry 
  • Building relationships among government, media and NGO communities 
  • Introducing or expanding markets for an alternative energy supply or technology 
  • Building community support for needed infrastructure projects 
  • Engaging customers and targeted audiences to make behavior changes 
  • Generating positive media coverage and online conversations 
  • Supporting large-scale public education campaigns 
  • Designing and implementing business-to-consumer, business-to-business and business-to-government marketing campaigns 

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