Stratacomm Unveils SOBERMAN

Faster than a speeding Buick! More powerful than a blotto-motorist! Able to stop drivers from another round! It’s … SOBERMAN!

For the Checkpoint Strikeforce anti-drunk driving campaign, Stratacomm created SOBERMAN, an action-hero who fights drunk driving by rewarding good behavior. SOBERMAN uses his super-human powers of detection to identify partiers who’ve made advance plans to get home via designated driver, taking a cab, using Metro or walking – and he bestows prizes on those who’ve planned ahead. Stratacomm conceived SOBERMAN as a comically campy superhero to get through to the jaded 21- to 35-year-old male target audience.

SOBERMAN appears wherever drinking abounds: Look for him this winter at Capitals and Wizards games as well as at D.C.-area watering holes. Watch this Fox 5 expose on how SOBERMAN is a desk-jockey by day/anti-DUI crime-fighting superhero by night. Listen here to the backstory of SOBERMAN, the sole survivor of the Planet Intoxicus-Not.

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