AgencyTok: TikTok Trends

AgencyTok: TikTok Trends

If you haven’t spent hours scrolling on TikTok, where are you?  

Why TikTok? 

According to Socialinsider, TikTok is the most engaging social media platform of the moment, having an average engagement rate of 5.96%. Socialinsider also notes, “Despite being the newest social media platform, when narrowed down to engagement, TikTok has the numeric advantage to make brands get on board and start experimenting with content on the platform.”  

Thinking of launching your own TikTok channel? While we have our own personal favorites—who doesn’t love planning your day around a 14-year-old pug’s predictions—we’ve listed some companies thriving on TikTok for inspiration.   

  • Duolingo – Duolingo’s TikTok success didn’t start overnight. It began very corporate, promoting its app and language learning. But then came “The Owl.” While Duolingo occasionally posts about language learning, its heavily weighted toward unhinged, engaging social content.  
  • Washington Post – Washington Post does the enviable job of producing content that is educational and digestible. People come back to the channel because they give you timely updates on news and hot topics while keeping it light-hearted and quick.  
  • Empire State Building – The Empire State Building’s TikTok is a clever take on personifying an inanimate object, participating with trends starring the two faces of the building. They have been known to “start drama” with the neighboring buildings and will surely draw visitors to the building based on the fun and engaging content.   
  • Disney Parks – Disney Parks continuously wins awards for being a company with the best use of TikTok. Involving cast members and visitors, they double down on their narrative that Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth.” 
  • Hank Green – Hank Green has taken the world by storm since 2012 with his CrashCourse science videos. In 2022, nothing changed. Hank’s TikTok is a beautiful blend of educational and funny videos. He uses updated lingo and examples to engage his audience and make the Information easier to understand. 

If this makes you want to jump into TikTok with your company, just remember:   

  • Be relatable. Being too self-serving is a sure way to alienate your audience.    
  • Be authentic. If your social presence contradicts your mission, values, and service/product, your audience will quickly sniff you out and disengage.  
  • Be nimble. If you don’t implement trends within a day or so, you are too late.  

Holly Hawkins assists clients with their digital platform strategies and execution and supports the agency’s marketing efforts. You can find her at @hollyplease_ _.  

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