Giving and Sharing Thanks

Giving and Sharing Thanks

Stratacomm’s view on client service—especially in times of crisis—comes down to a simple truism. We must be there and deliver for our clients always—and then stretch even further when they need us most.

That’s why I’m incredibly inspired by our team as they navigate these hard and uncertain times. They continue to deliver for Stratacomm clients in big and small ways, even as they take care of themselves and each other, support their families and help in their communities. Here is but a mere snapshot of the unsolicited client feedback shared in the short time since COVID-19 upended our world:

  • “Thank you for ramping up your support so quickly to help us manage the unprecedented impacts of the coronavirus. Your counsel has made a game-changing difference in our success.” 
  • “Her proactive, professional insights…really exceeded my expectations. During these times, it is priceless to have someone on the team who keeps the balls in the air with a positive attitude and goes the extra mile.”
  • “He really took the lead on developing this program…to maximize impact. Just great, solid work overall…so wanted to call it out.”
  • “As individuals and as a team, I really value your creativity and counsel – and I place high value on everything you do for us, especially right now.”
  • “Stratacomm helped engage with {key stakeholder} …and continued building on our crosscutting communications strategy…provided webinar subject matter expertise…and it is always good to receive their {presentation} coaching.”
  • “In this period of extreme information overload, I’ve come to rely on {Stratacomm} as a key source of news. Thank you for sifting through mountains of information to deliver this timely service to us.”
  • “Thank you all for your incredible work.”

I’ll add my deep thanks to our team for who they are and what they do.

Many thanks also to our Stratacomm clients for entrusting our people to help solve their most pressing communications challenges—and for everything our clients and their organizations are doing to help people, ensure government services and drive our economy forward.   

In a crisis, you find out who people are and how they deal with adversity. You find out how strong your relationships are with those around you, and what’s really most important. More often than not, you also find out that within each of us resides a deep reservoir of goodwill and strength that can be tapped to help us push through the tough times—together.

John F. Fitzpatrick co-manages Stratacomm, an integrated communications agency, fueled by great people working together with great clients to achieve big things not attainable separately.

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