A Slice of Wisdom for Pi Day

We’ve all been there. A young PR professional looking to impress. Or maybe you’re not so young but never got the memo on how to follow up with journalists without being annoying. Oh, I know, the new client your firm just landed has given you a “test project” and you really want to drum up coverage to sell them on your media savvy. On this apropos Pi Day, writer Micki Maynard dropped jewels of wisdom with 280 characters or less, leaving some to eat a slice of the humble variety.Micki then clears her throat to bestow upon us six invaluable tips to keep in mind when pitching her … or any journalist for that matter.

Cool. So, no response within 12 hours means Micki liked the pitch and is trying to find a place for the story, right? Wrong.

Micki ends with one of the cardinal rules of media outreach and gracefully schools us all.

Karah Davenport is a vice president in Stratacomm’s Detroit office.

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