What Transportation Journalist Want and How PR Pros Can Engage Them Better

What Transportation Journalist Want and How PR Pros Can Engage Them Better

At Stratacomm, we are always looking for new ways to create value for our clients. Media relations is a core function of our account services, so staying up to date on how reporters think is of utmost importance.

Stratacomm fielded a poll exclusively of journalists covering the transportation sector. While this audience is very niche, we gathered enough responses through our exclusive media database for statistically significant findings. We also asked open-ended questions to understand this journalistic audience more deeply. After thorough analysis, we’re pleased to share our latest white paper.

What Transportation Journalists Want: How PR Pros Can Engage Them Better

Survey Reveals Industry Media Trends and Best Practices

So, what are transportation journalists doing, and how do PR pros give them what they want? Here are some of our key findings.

Journalists are multimedia multitaskers: 21% publish upwards of 11 pieces of content each week. 50% are responsible for producing video content while 32% produce audio/podcast content. More than half publish social media text for their outlet including pictures or stories. And they want clicks – 62% indicated the number of clicks their content receives is a priority.

Live events are highly valuable for generating media coverage: 80% of journalists overwhelmingly prefer to attend events in person and genuinely enjoy doing so. 40% of transportation journalists said their content is better following a live event. An additional 19% indicated attending a live event is necessary to get what they need for their content.

Visual assets are useful to journalists in a pitch: 65% said linked photos are useful, while 67% said infographics help them understand an issue but do not end up in their content.

We gathered further insights into how receptive journalists are to pitches, how to prove you are a trusted source, and what makes for a compelling story idea. We also documented their responses on their preferences for working with communications professionals in general. Download our free whitepaper to view the full findings: https://stratacomm.net/expertise/transportation/what-transportation-journalists-want/.

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