Making the Most of Work from Home

Making the Most of Work from Home

As we approach the three-year anniversary of widespread remote work, there’s one thing we all know to be true: the COVID-19 pandemic changed our world in unimaginable ways. For many people in the post-pandemic corporate setting, gone are the days of regular in-person  comradery, with remote work taking its place.

Pre-pandemic, Stratacomm would not have been a career option for me because of my location, but with our work from anywhere playbook, we have team members spread throughout the U.S. We are fortunate to be able to create and maintain relationships with one another through virtual coffees, ‘StrataFun’ Teams channels, murder mystery parties and even chances to gather in person in our Detroit and Washington, D.C. brick-and-mortar offices.

While working from the comfort of our own homes and partaking in work-from-home culture, it’s beneficial to maximize your home office opportunities. With the weather warming up and the resources available for remote employees, there are ample ways to mix it up and take advantage of WFH. Consider these tips when looking to spice up your WFH days:

Relocate throughout the day

It’s easy to fall into the same routine of waking up, brewing your cup of morning coffee and migrating to your desk. Consider switching it up! Explore the local coffee shops, libraries or co-working spaces in your area. Even getting outside for a bit can satisfy your need for a new environment. A quick change of scenery can reignite creativity and productivity, making for a more successful day.

Spruce up your office space

It can be as simple as adding a new plant to your desk or reorganizing your tech setup. Making your home office a place you enjoy is crucial to WFH – after all, you are spending several hours each day there. Jump on the trend of the standing desk (and maybe even invest in a walking pad or mini treadmill to go with it), get yourself an ergonomic chair or some new decor that makes your space feel inviting. One of the best purchases I ever made was my ring light to help me look my best for those early client calls and my mug warmer that keeps my coffee hot through busy mornings.

Prioritize your mental health and quick breaks

One of the beauties of WFH is its potential to improve your work-life balance. Try not to let your work life bleed into your personal life. Similarly to leaving the office for lunch or at the end of an in-person workday, it’s okay and healthy to step away from your computer when needed when working from home. Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare a healthy lunch, go for a quick walk or check in with your furry friends or family members. Prioritizing your mental health and a few breaks throughout the day will help you feel recharged to complete the workday on a positive note.

Meet up with coworkers in your area

Just because you work from home doesn’t meet you can’t see your coworkers in person! Schedule time to have in-person working blocks with local coworkers at places in your area. This provides a chance to get to know them better and build longtime connections with those you communicate with regularly. I’ve met coworkers during a Stratacomm-organized team meeting, but also proactively met up with a few coworkers on my own. The importance of face-to-face time cannot be overstated. 

While the way the standard 9 to 5 workday looks in a post-pandemic world may be different, remote work encourages people to be successful in new and innovative ways.

Make your workday your own.

Account Executive Madison Nance supports Stratacomm’s work with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with integrated services, including advertising, marketing and public relations, all from her home in North Carolina. 

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