What We’re Thankful for: Thanksgiving Affirmations from Stratacomm’s Partners

What We’re Thankful for: Thanksgiving Affirmations from Stratacomm’s Partners

Bill Buff | Managing Partner  

Good health, video calls with distant family and the terrific clients we continue to serve. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Shannon Hartnett | VP, Partner  

Looking out my home office rain-soaked window, leaves are falling and recognize another season is here. I am thankful for the seasonal changes being part of my life and what they may bring: new perspective, hope, courage to make a change (job, relationship, forgiveness, compassion and of course clothing). Do your best to adjust and adapt in the journey of life and the seasons of change. 

Kristin Tyll | Managing Director, Partner  

I am especially thankful this year for my “village” that has pulled together through 2020 to support each other in ways we never imagined… navigating virtual school, extreme fluctuations in work and life balance and the overall uncertainty that has surrounded us. 

Sharon Hegarty | SVP, Senior Partner  

I’m most thankful that this year’s challenges made me focus on the most important things in my life – family, friends, health and peace. 

Travis Austin | Senior Partner  

In a year full of disruption, I’m thankful for the stability of family, grateful for purposeful work, and appreciative of the many opportunities this year has provided for us to learn more about ourselves and each other. 

Charlotte Seigler | Senior Partner  

I’m thankful for health, family, grace when my backdrop is a princess castle, that client work has continued smoothly, and conversations about social injustice. 

John Fitzpatrick Managing Partner Stratacomm PR Firm

John Fitzpatrick | Managing Partner  

A hard year, yet bright spots abound: family, friends, colleagues, clients, health care heroes, vaccine makers, teachers and all those striving to move our nation forward.

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