Four Fall Tips for Social Content Creation

Four Fall Tips for Social Content Creation

There’s no escaping social media. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram to see people enjoying fall activities or refreshing Twitter to keep up with the latest news ahead of the midterm elections, these platforms are an unavoidable part of our lives.

As communicators, we are often tasked with developing content for these channels, whether that’s for a client or the firm internally. Keeping an organization’s social media accounts fresh and relevant can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! That’s why I came up with these four fall-themed tips for social content creation. By injecting some (pumpkin) spice into relatively traditional tips, I hope they give you inspiration as you create your autumn content calendars.

1. Carve out your space.
Not all social media personalities are created equally. Whether you are a nonprofit, association or government agency, you must find what works for you and your brand. When developing content for social media channels, make sure you are using your organization’s voice and personality to create the social media equivalent of a jack-o-lantern that represents your organization.

2. “Leaf” the filler content at home.
If you don’t have great content, don’t post. Some organizations feel the need to post every day of the week, multiple times a day, but that’s not necessary. Your social channels should provide value to your audience, not cause them to question why they are following you. Of course, there are days where you share an article vs. an original piece of content, but be sure the article pertains to audience interests. In Stratacomm’s case, we stick to sharing articles about communications, infrastructure, transportation and other areas relevant to our practice areas and expertise.

3. Don’t get spooked by analytics.
Analytics are here to help you, not frighten you. Every platform offers their own version of analytics and there are numerous independent platforms that also evaluate the performance of social posts. These analytics are the key to finding out what works on your social channels and what doesn’t. By utilizing the data, you have a basis for your content decision making and are ultimately making informed choices to benefit your audience.

4. Enjoy the pumpkin pie and warm apple cider.
While developing content for social channels can feel overwhelming and burdensome at times, take time to enjoy the process of creation. Be proud of the content you create and the role you play in developing your organization’s online presence. Sit back and enjoy a nice fall treat…that is until next week’s content calls.

Amber Garnett is an account executive in Stratacomm’s Washington, D.C. office. Be sure to follow Stratacomm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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