Sustainability Spotlight: Transparent ESG Communications  

Sustainability Spotlight: Transparent ESG Communications  

As professional communicators, we help clients maintain authenticity in sustainability storytelling. This is especially important as companies implement new standard operational practices designed to offset the impact of carbon emissions on the planet. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) annual reports keep companies accountable, and this makes for an effective communications tool for sustainability storytelling. These types of reports are guided by legal and third-party reporting standards, which measure climate action on a numeric scale.  

Stratacomm develops ESG reports for several clients in a wide range of sectors. Our success is hinged on following these guideposts.   

  • Transparency: According to Bloomberg Green, “Greenwashing may be the biggest risk to the future of ESG investing,” and this carries over to how we communicate about environment, social, governance (ESG), as well. Bloomberg defines greenwashing as “…companies, people or governments overstate, misrepresent or just plain lie about their climate credentials.” Transparency must be the overall lens, using fact-based communications as a bedrock.  
  • Diverse voices: A combination of long-lead content development and access to subject matter experts across multiple stakeholders are keys to success. ESG goes beyond just the sustainability and compliance departments. It reaches every facet of an organization and its external stakeholders, from HR to product to supply chain, and more. 
  • More than metrics. ESG reporting must include the journey, not just the outcomes. Providing details on how targets were achieved along with future goal setting is as important as the raw numbers. This shows commitment to transparency, while assuring stakeholders that ESG is in lockstep with your corporate strategy—this isn’t a one and done program.  

Beyond the reporting phase, Stratacomm also leverages content from reports to help clients secure executive visibility and industry awards; launch organic and paid social media campaigns; and tell their stories in local, trade, and national media publications. ESG storytelling links public relations, issues advocacy, marketing and communications.  

As we reflect on the future of our planet, it’s important we frame the conversation authentically. If you’re interested in learning more about ways you can advance your company’s sustainability communications, get in touch:  

You can browse Stratacomm’s Energy & Sustainability Expertise on our website:  

This blog was written collaboratively by Marcella Dudek, Jayda Leder-Luis, and Sharon Hegarty. 

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