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A Roadmap to Networking: Social Distancing Edition

In just a few months, more than 40 million Americans were forced out of work, while millions more entered an uncertain job market. Whether you’re unemployed, a recent graduate and wondering whether you should continue to send out resumes, or you’re lucky enough to still be employed, connecting with your network and keeping relationships fresh is always important. And that can be a daunting task during times of social distancing where the rules of when, how and if we can meet face-to-face are fluid. 

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Webinars 101: Successful Execution During a Pandemic

It’s been more than two months since schools, large and small businesses and state governments took operations from in-person to online. For the time being, social distancing is the norm and as we all seek opportunities to stay in front of our audiences, webinars are a natural solution.

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Giving and Sharing Thanks

Stratacomm’s view on client service—especially in times of crisis—comes down to a simple truism. We must be there and deliver for our clients always—and then stretch even further when they need us most.

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Mindful Marketing Mid-Crisis

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, a question for many in the PR and marketing community that remains top of mind: How can we stay active in front of audiences while practically everything non-COVID takes a back seat?

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