Let’s Talk Ethics

Communications – and specifically public relations – is rife with ethical situations. Not every client situation will be cut and dry, and asking the question “is this ethically minded?” is a core tenant communications professional must uphold. There is no one right answer to a challenging situation, nor is there one wrong way. But there is an ethical way.

Fostering a culture of transparency and accountability with clients, employees, shareholders and communities will determine if an organization can stand behind its ethics. To explore how this works in practice, Stratacomm co-managing partners Bill Buff and John Fitzpatrick sat down and recorded a podcast with Christian Klein, a faculty member of University of Virginia, for his PR ethics and law course.

At Stratacomm we’re grateful to be guided by folks that built our culture on a bedrock of ethics.

Bill Buff is one of the firm’s co-managing partners and leader of Stratacomm’s energy and environment practice group. He recently appeared as a guest and later hosted an episode of Executive Leaders Radio – a mid-Atlantic business radio show turned podcast. Be sure to take a listen!

John Fitzpatrick is co-managing partner and leader of Stratacomm’s transportation practice group. He recently reflected on the lessons he’s learned in his 20 years at Stratacomm – and “doing the right thing” when it comes to ethical decision-making tops his list.

Jeffrey Guzman is an intern in Stratacomm’s Washington, D.C. office and a recent graduate of American University.

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