What Do a Globe, Oscar and Oar Have in Common?

What Do a Globe, Oscar and Oar Have in Common?

Awards season is officially upon us! From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, this time of year always inspires buzz around the office about our favorite television shows, films and stand out performances from the various roles that go into pulling off such impressive entertainment productions.

Much like Hollywood, Stratacomm also reflects back on exemplary and outstanding performances across the agency for our Team Player of the Year award. Not only do the winners of this annual award exude Stratacomm’s core values on a daily basis, but they also tend to wear many hats. In Hollywood terms, our team players might be behind the camera one day, in the editing suite the next and starring in the lead role the following. No shoes are too big or too small to fill for Stratacomm team players, and they bring their all to each and every role they provide for our clients.

The highly acclaimed Oscar statuette has been presented to more than 3,000 awardees at the Academy Awards since 1929.  Stratacomm’s Team Player of the Year version is an “oar,” symbolizing that together, we move forward toward a common goal that can’t be reached individually. Our oar is just as esteemed as ol’ Oscar around these parts, proudly displayed on many Stratacommer office window sills and perched on desks throughout the company as a badge of honor. 

Without further ado, it’s time to introduce our 2018 Team Player of the Year award winners!


Marcella Dudek, account executive based in Detroit

So nice, she won it twice! For the first time ever, Stratacomm voted for a repeat winner.  Marcella has been with the firm since 2016, beginning her career with Stratacomm as an intern. She was first awarded team player in 2017 and her peers thought she deserved the esteemed award again for 2018. Marcella is the epitome of a team player and demonstrates her commitment to Stratacomm and her future with the firm authentically in every action. She’s humble and happy to learn anything new and always comes with a positive attitude that radiates throughout the room. Congrats, Marcella!

Amber Garnett, account executive based in D.C.

Amber joined the Stratacomm team in 2016, also as an intern, and we knew from day one she was going to make an impact at the firm. She provides support to nearly every person and every account across the office. It’s no surprise she is this year’s team player as she is always willing to jump in at a moment’s notice to take on any task. On top of her success at Stratacomm, she also balanced earning her master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations from George Washington University in spring 2018. Kudos, Amber!

While the Academy has a significant number of decades on us, Stratacomm is proud of awarding 22 engraved team player oars since 2009, and we look forward to presenting many more to hard working teammates as the tradition continues.


An award ceremony took place outside of Stratacomm as well this month. The Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter (PRSA-NCC) gathered on January 17 for the organization’s 2019 kickoff party where they honored their annual chapter award winners. Our very own Kristin Gregory, account director based in the D.C. office, was honored with the 2018 Dark Horse Award. The award is presented to the “new person who appeared on the scene that year and demonstrated amazing service.” A few of the contributions that earned this award include helping plan the chapter’s largest event as a member of the Thoth Gala Committee, serving as a judge for the Pro Bono Committee, conducting an audit of the PRSA-NCC website for the Website Committee, conducting outreach to existing members up for renewal on behalf of the Membership Committee, and serving as a board member. In 2019 she will continue to serve on the board and will assume the position of chair for the Membership Committee.

No doubt, we have a lot to celebrate at Stratacomm as we reflect on the successes of our stand out teammates. While we are raising a glass in honor of Marcella, Amber and Kristin this awards season, we’ll be hanging on the edge of our seats to see how our favorite flicks do in the best picture category at the Oscars – the Academy has their work cut out for them on that decision!

Jacqueline Wilson is a vice president in Stratacomm’s Washington, D.C. office and an avid watcher of all awards shows, personally pulling for A Star is Born at the Oscars this year. #TeamStratacomm brought home honors in 2018 for WTS-DC’s Employer of the Year, PR News’ Top Places to Work Award and Metro Detroit’s 2018 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.

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